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9.20.20 Finding New Rhythms of LIfe


Finding New Rhythms of Life Haggai 1:13–15 This is a series looking at finding a new normal.  It attempts to speak to the issue of Covid and how God is with us in this disorienting, culture-shifting time. It is applicable to our time but it also begins broaching the subject of what a new normal might look […]

9.13.2020 Focus


September 13, 2020  “Focus” Hebrews 12:1-2 Focus is defined as the center of interest or activity. It is the center, hub, focal point, nucleus, heart, core of something. We live in a culture that struggles with focus. The church struggles with focus. We have awesome work we want to do. We have something to share […]

8.2.2020 Contentment Is Possible


Series:  The Church During Difficult Times This is a five-week series exploring characters from the Bible who experienced seasons of uncertainty:  Job, Daniel, Abraham, Paul and the disciples.  These folks experienced times of frustration, pain, suffering, and difficult questions. Like them, we too experience difficult times, and it’s vital that even in the midst of […]