If you ever think a life following Christ is boring please hang out with our youth.  You will belly laugh until you can’t breathe.  You will also make close friends, learn, work and get to know Jesus personally.

Because of the pandemic, the youth are meeting via Zoom.  If you would like to be involved with the First UMC youth, please call the church office at 276-783-5194 to let us know you would like the Zoom link.

Sunday mornings, the youth gather via Zoom for a Sunday School with Mike Albano.  A Zoom link is available, just give us a call.

As a youth group, we hope the youth will taste and see how FUN and Glorious a life with Jesus is.  Life with Jesus is not guaranteed to be an easy life but it will be a full and beautiful life.  To see Him show up in our darkest time and then also to bless us with mercy, grace and provision is worth it all.  Jesus will never let us down.  Choosing Jesus is the best decision you will ever make.

It is our prayer that the teenagers in the youth group will have an awesome encounter with our Heavenly Father and they will grow in their faith.