SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 2014

Scripture Lesson:  Galatians 2:15-21

Sermon:  “God Lives in Us”

*sermon audio (mp3) and worship bulletin (pdf) available for download


Preparing to Worship Next Week

Use these daily readings to prepare for next Sunday’s worship services. Spend time with Jesus Christ in Holy Scripture throughout the week, so that he is easier to recognize and serve. As we read and study together during the week, our worship becomes even more meaningful.


Monday, June 2   Read Psalm 51

  • What’s the tone or mood of this passage? When have you felt as David seems to feel in this passage? Why does David pray that God will not take the Holy Spirit from him? In related verses, what does it mean to have a new, right, and willing spirit?  Pray for a new and right spirit today, that you might live for God.

Tuesday, June 3   Read Joel 2:23-32

  • What seems to be the background or context for this passage? How does God offer hope for Israel in this passage? How does God’s promise of his poured out spirit offer encouragement to the people? How might it cause fear? How do you react to God’s promise  Pray for faith to believe that God is about to do something great.

Wednesday, June 4   Read Matthew 3:11-17

  • As John reveals the differences between Jesus and him, what dis- tinction does he make between Jesus’ baptism and his? Why is this so important? What’s the significance of the Spirit descending upon Jesus? When have you experienced the baptism of the Spirit? Thank God today for the gift of the Spirit through Jesus.

Thursday, June 5   Read John 14:15-31

  • According to Jesus in this passage, how will the Spirit comfort his disciples once he has departed from them? What roles will the Spirit play in their lives? How do you experience the comforting presence of the Spirit? What role does the Spirit play in your life? Thank God for the constant comforting presence of his Spirit.

Friday, June 6   Read Acts 2:1-21

  • What gift does the Spirit give to the disciples in this passage? What gift do all the “devout Jews” receive from the Spirit? How does the Spirit empower Peter? When did you first experience the Spirit’s presence in your life? How does the Spirit empower you?  Pray to be Spirit-filled and empowered today to share God’s love.

Saturday, June 7   Read Acts 2:22-42

  • How does the Spirit seem to affect Peter’s audience in this passage? What connection does Peter make between baptism with water and baptism by the Holy Spirit in this passage? What lesson might the church learn from this story about the Spirit’s role in its ministries? Pray that God will fill this congregation with his Holy Spirit today.

Sunday, June 8—Pentecost

  • Scripture Lesson: Acts 2:1-21   Sermon: “The Living Spirit”