Bring a chair.
Wear a mask.
Keep 6 feet from others.


Stay in your vehicle and listen to the service on 95.9 fm radio *

* 95.9 fm will only pick up in your vehicle at FUMC and the Farmer’s Market. The fm signal is not strong.

Please be advised…..
If you are sitting with us in the Farmer’s Market, please
park your vehicle in the upper, church parking lot.
This way folks that park at the Farmer’s Market, and stay in their vehicle, will be able to see the worship service.

I am not able to attend the worship service.
How do I find the video online?

If you are trying to view the videos from First United Methodist Church……
be sure to type our name in the search bar on FaceBook.
Also type our name in the search bar for our channel on YouTube and our website address on your browser search bar.
Our videos do not come up automatically when you are on FaceBook or YouTube. You need to go to our page or channel to view them.
When you are on the FUMC website HOME page, be sure to go to the WORSHIP tab and then select SERMONS. You will find all of our sermons and videos on this page.