Job Title:   Director of Ministries

Job Requirements:  The FUMC Director of Ministries must have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in ministry, religion, education, or a closely related field.  Required work skills include excellent oral and written communication skills, ability to relate well with people of all ages, and excellent organizational and time management skills, given the variety of his/her responsibilities. The Director must have working knowledge of general audio and video production systems and working knowledge of internet and social media platforms, publishing, and editing proficiency.  Must have the ability to balance doing visitation along with equipping lay volunteers to do visitations as well.    This is a vocational calling to serve God and serve others.

Job Summary:  The Director of Ministries oversees, plans, recruits, and deploys volunteers for, implements, facilitates, and supports the church’s ministries of nurture, outreach, and witness, working cooperatively with the respective elected ministry group volunteers and with other members of the church staff.  The Director is comfortable praying with and for others.

Job Responsibilities

1.  Nurture Ministries

The Director cooperates with the Council on Ministries to oversee, plan, recruit and deploy volunteers for, implement, facilitate, and support the church’s nurture ministries.

  • Serves as the primary staff resource for Sunday school, ensuring that each class has its weekly roll and attendance sheet, recommending and ordering curriculum as needed, and at least quarterly, meeting with Sunday school teachers to hear their concerns, suggestions, needs, etc.
  • Serves as the primary staff resource for the church’s senior adult ministry and participated in planning trips, meals, and other regular opportunities for fun, fellowship, and spiritual formation.
  • Serves as the primary staff resource for the church’s special events planning team and helps to plan and prepare fellowship meals and studies for six-week segments at least twice per year.
  • Cooperates with the special events planning team to plan and implement the annual church picnic in August of each year, along with other regular opportunities for fun, fellowship, and spiritual formation.
  • Cooperates with the pastor to visit home-bound members of the congregation, so that each receives pastoral/staff visit at least six times per year. Recruit, equip and manage lay volunteers to assist with the task of providing excellent congregational care in the areas of local nursing home and hospital visitation, visiting those who are home-bound, coordinating lay volunteers to serve communion to our home-bound members, while keeping records and tracking of congregational visitation.
  • Assists the pastor in recruiting and deploying volunteers to serve Holy Communion to our home-bound members in their homes each month.
  • Assists the pastor in Sunday morning worship services i.e., recruiting volunteers to serve Communion.
  • Coordinates volunteers to ensure the church’s college students and military personnel receive care packages or other correspondence at least twice per year.
  • Offer Bible studies and other short-term classes as needed.

2.  Outreach Ministries

The Director cooperates with outreach group Recovery to oversee, plan, recruit and deploy volunteers for, implement, facilitate, and support the church’s outreach ministries.

  • Coordinates the media outreach via YouTube, Facebook, and live streaming of Sunday services.
  • Annually cooperates with the pastor to plan and implement any mission trips or backyard mission projects.
  • Cooperates with and supports the children’s ministry director in outreach ministries like Upward Sports and Vacation Bible School.
  • In cooperation with the Council of Ministries, plans and implements new outreach ministries to enable First United Methodist Church to care for its community better. Plan backyard mission projects as needed.

Facilitates Stephen Ministry Program.

3.  Witness Ministries

The Director of Ministries cooperates with other church staff to ensure the church’s internet website and Facebook pages are   attractive, engaging, informative and accurately updated weekly.  Update the site’s theme or appearance at least annually.

  • Cooperates with the witness ministry group and pastor to plan regular…at least twice per year lectures, concerts, and similar “entry point” invitational events.
  • Establishes and maintains a lay visitation ministry, ensure visitors receive prompt follow-up visit.
  • In cooperation with the witness ministries group, plans and implements new witness ministries to enable First United Methodist Church to share the good news of Jesus Christ more effectively.

4.  Professionalism

The Director fulfills all her/his responsibilities professionally, courteously, and with an intentional effort to exceed the expectations of church members and guests.

  • Arrives sufficiently early to begin the workday and any meetings, events, etc., punctually.
  • Maintains a neat, professional appearance, both in personal grooming and dress.
  • Exercises professional courtesy toward other employees, church members and guests.
  • Strives to improve skill set and efficiency by participating in at least one continuing education event per year as budget allows.
  • Courteously and graciously serves as a resource and support to other members of the staff, including the children’s and youth ministry coordinators.
  • Conducts himself/herself with the highest ethical and biblical standard.
  • Graciously performs other responsibilities occasionally assigned by the pastor.