1. Do you have a Bible?

Yes – Good, open it and read.
No – contact Pastor James for some solid recommendations.

2. Pray.

Daniel prayed 3 times a day.
Are you Daniel? No. That’s ok.
Prayer is communicating with God. It’s talking to him. It’s as easy as talking to your best friend. The Holy Spirit will help you and guide you. You don’t have to figure anything out before your pray. Just pray.

3. Attend church regularly.

Yes…..the church building is not open.
But the church is open, it never closed.
Sharing the gospel, worship, people coming together, community outreach never closed. We are just doing it differently. Almost every church has something offered on the internet. YouTube, FaceBook, Zoom. Search our webpage or look on our YouTube and FaceBook page to find ways to “attend” church regularly.